How we ship your caravan takes care of your caravan from the moment you choose it to its final delivery, carried out by


  1. The ONLY specialist website for caravan shipping from the UK to NZ and AustraliaImport British caravans to NZ and AU
  2. Collection of your caravan from your front door (or from a dealer)
  3. Full assistance with necessary documentation
  4. Caravan condition report with photos when the vehicle is in our warehouse
  5. Silica gel moisture absorbent to avoid interior deterioration of your caravan
  6. Ability to send personal effects in the caravan
  7. Quality loading and securing in the container using our customised techniques
  8. Live vessel tracking feature
  9. Export customs formalities
  10. Delivery to your door


For more information you can visit dedicated landing pages for caravan shipping to New Zealand and to Australia.